Elevate Your Listing with Cutting-Edge Marketing Techniques

Innovative Marketing

At Team Zech Properties, we set the standard for real estate marketing in Santa Cruz County. Our state-of-the-art marketing package includes professional photography, drone footage, 3D virtual tours, and targeted online advertising to ensure your property gets maximum exposure. Our seasoned team combines local expertise with innovative strategies to attract qualified buyers quickly and efficiently. We leverage social media, email campaigns, and SEO-optimized listings to reach a broad audience, driving more interest and higher offers. With a proven track record of success, Team Zech Properties is dedicated to delivering top-tier service and results, making us the premier choice for selling your home.



Our expansive network and white-glove service ensure a bespoke experience for both buyers and sellers. At Team Zech Properties, we carefully curate each property and transaction to ensure that personal touch, every time. Contact Paul, Kathleen, or Molly today to begin your real estate journey.