6 Reasons to Relocate to Santa Cruz County

6 Reasons to Relocate to Santa Cruz County

  • Team Zech Properties
  • 11/2/22
If you’re a fan of comfortable weather year-round, diverse and beautiful nature, and great spots to eat and have fun, then Santa Cruz County is the place for you. Here are six reasons to start searching for Santa Cruz County real estate.

1. The great outdoors

You don’t have to be in Santa Cruz County for long to understand the beauty of nature in the area. There’s plenty to do on the beaches, whether that involves simply relaxing by the water, boating out into the Pacific, or surfing. There are also nature attractions away from the beach, like visiting the nearby Redwood Forest or exploring one of its many trails, preserves, and state parks.

Those searching for Santa Cruz County real estate can also count on pleasant year-round weather. The lowest it’ll get is around 40 degrees, while summers stay in the 80s, which means you can avoid winter snows and a blazing hot July. This makes it easy to enjoy all the natural views at any time of the year, whether you choose to bike, hike, fish, or play a sport on the beach or in an open field.

2. The surfing

Although part of the outdoors, the surfing scene needs its own category to do it justice. Surfing is so big in this area that there’s a Surfing Museum for residents to visit. Whether you’re a beginner surfer testing out the offshore breaks, or a more seasoned surfer looking for a challenge, Santa Cruz County has plenty of shorelines for you to explore.

If you’re testing out your surfer’s balance for the first time, then beach spots like Capitola Jetty and Cowell Beach provide milder waves for beginners. If you know what you’re doing, try out Steamer Lane. To learn where the wetsuit you wear while surfing originated from when catching a wave, visit Pleasure Point to see Jack O’Neill’s house, the inventor of the wetsuit.

3. Its active community

Santa Cruz County provides several opportunities for its residents to participate in the community. If you want to make sure your voice gets heard or give back to the community, there are several ways to do so. It’s easy to contact community leaders with your questions and concerns, and if you have an idea for a community project, they can help you manifest it to make a real difference in the area.

You may also find your own passions and issues already addressed by the community inhabiting Santa Cruz Country real estate. There are thousands of nonprofit organizations in the county that are active and welcome the help of community members.

The community also has an active arts scene, and the surrounding nature provides plenty of inspiration for the pieces created locally. You can count on residents to be friendly and open to one another, even if they don’t know each other. This attitude is reflected in the arts scene, as creators regularly share their work with the public by leaving their studio doors open, playing on street corners, or performing on public stages.

4. Plenty of great dining and entertainment

Wherever you land in Santa Cruz County, you can rely on the food to be delicious. If you want to test out local wines, there are plenty of high-quality wineries to visit. If you want sustainable and organic food prepared in high-end restaurants, the local organic farmers in the area supply several restaurants with world-renowned chefs. Or, if you’re looking for a snack by the beach, the boardwalk has plenty of tasty spots with a wide range of choices.

There’s just as much to do in the area as there is to eat. The local shopping offers many shops for residents around Santa Cruz County real estate to explore, whether you are interested in decorations made of hand-made glass, are looking for a new phone or laptop, or need a few organic items for your dinner plans. If you aren’t into shopping, there are several museums in the area where you can learn about the history and wildlife of the area. Visit the Santa Cruz Museum of History to learn about the country’s beginnings, or head to the Seymour Marine Discovery Center to better understand native ocean life. This county is active, and you’re likely to find a local show or event to attend any day.

5. The education system

For people looking to relocate with their families, their children will have a great learning experience in the area. Some public schools in the county have top national rankings, from middle school all the way to college. College and university options like UC Santa Cruz are great places for you or your children to continue your education and offer several undergraduate and graduate programs for all different interests and paths.

6. Perfect for your business

If you’re relocating to work or to start up a company, then Santa Cruz County is the place to be. There are plenty of factors working in its favor, such as its education system that provides a highly skilled workforce, its location next to Silicon Valley, and the surrounding land perfect for agriculture. The accessibility of local community leaders makes it easy to reach out for help with starting a business, thus creating a great network to ensure your success.

If you’re moving to work at a start-up company or in another area, this is an ideal place to go. It also is worth relocating to Santa Cruz for the great location, even if you work remotely. You’re sure to find a community of other remote workers in the co-working spaces in the county or at a cafe with free internet.

Ready to move to Santa Cruz County?

Plenty of people are drawn to Santa Cruz County, and if you’re looking to relocate, you should definitely consider this area. When you’re ready to search for your new home, contact one of the trusted Santa Cruz real estate experts at Zech Real Estate Specialists to guide you through the process. The team pairs their authentic desire to see their clients find happiness with excellent customer service and are happy to be a resource for anything and everything you may need during this process. For those specifically interested in homes for sale in Santa Cruz County, reach out today to learn more.
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